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Inspired Athletes
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Industry: Sports-related Business

Founded: 2014

IA offers a breadth of services to help support the player throughout his lifetime which will include his NFL career and beyond. Our goal is for the player to be a part of our family and have the opportunity for lifetime success on and off the field.


Player Representation:

With our NFLPA Certified Agents, IA will represent all areas relating to the player including contract negotiations with the NFL teams, support and assistance in NFL draft preparation and training, advising and consulting on personal and business matters, and brand & image management of the player.


Marketing, Endorsement & Branding:

In conjunction with marketing and social media partners, IA will help market players to companies that fit his brand image to bring endorsement and branding opportunities for the player. Our goal is to position our players with positive brands and companies that help grow his personal trademark and the product that he represents.


Social Management:

In today’s society it’s important to manage your social media platforms and your brand. Through our team of experts we can support and create a positive social media presence.


Financial Support:

IA works with top NFLPA Certified financial service providers to offer and refer players to firms that can support and grow his financial success. This will include long term financial planning support, financial portfolio management, and advice to help the player have financial success for his lifetime


Lifetime Management:

IA will help secure internships and/or off season work experience with our partner companies in order to support the player in developing his business and lifetime skills. This is important to plan for, so when the player’s career ends he is positioned for success beyond the NFL.


Medical Services:

Included in our service offering is a team of orthopedic physicians that provide comprehensive and independent medical evaluations and care.



Our client’s long term security is our top priority. Through our network of insurance agents we help advise and obtain complete insurance plans to provide peace of mind and financial security


Legal and Accounting:

Our clients have full access to our General Counsel and CFO for all their legal and finance needs.