Life, Learning & Success Podcast With David Schuman Interviewing Financial Guru and Entrepreneur Mitchel Krause per NUC Sports Media

Mitchel Krause and Dave Schuman, Life, Learning & Success Podcast

Life, Learning, and Success with David Schuman, Guest Mitchel Krause talking Financial Success, Small Business Ownership and Startups

Financial Guru Mitchel Krause shares his two main mistakes that all investors make. He shares how to invest to minimize downside and maximize profit with one very important strategy.

He discusses how football shaped who he is and how he manages his entrepreneurial ventures into coffee shops and breweries and makes them into a whopping success.

He offers amazing tips on how to invest in small business startups and how to always think big and manage your money the right way.

"Mitchel stresses the ability to make the right decisions in finance for life, and the way for any person to invest in any entrepreneurial pursuits with a small investment with big upside."

You can hear this amazing podcast here.

David Schuman is an entrepreneur, a football coach, a football talent analyst, a successful business owner, an NFL Agent and a media professional.  He has built tremendously successful businesses and he is the founder of the National Underclassmen Combines, Inspired Athletes Agency, Owner at NFL Draft Bible, a former head football coach and current assistant coach at Old Tappan High School. You can read more on him at and at 

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