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Howard Schuman with David Schuman, Life, Learning and Success

In this episode, we have a rare interview with Howard Schuman, my father, who has in the NJ Hall of Fame as a track and field coach and is still coaching at 75 years old. He is arguably one of the most accomplished coaches in the United States with over 200 championships in his career of over 50 years.

His two keys for success are motivation and caring for his athletes. You will also hear his unique principles, and ideals on leadership, coaching, success, and helping other accomplish their goals and dreams. This is a must listen for any coach, athlete, or executive looking to accomplish the most in their field. It all starts with helping others realize and reach their dreams.

"Positive Attitude is Contagious, Negative Attitude is Destructive."

Howard Schuman, Track Coach & Motivator

"My father, Howard Schuman represents the perfect mix of a great coach, the ability to get the most out of their athletes and motivate them, but also that they know they are loved and cared about. This leads to their ultimate success on and off the field."

You will be captivated by the characteristics that make a truly great coach. Listen here to the podcast.


David Schuman is an entrepreneur, a football coach, a football talent analyst, a successful business owner, an NFL Agent and a media professional.  He has built tremendously successful businesses and is the founder of the National Underclassmen Combines, Inspired Athletes Agency, Owner at NFL Draft Bible, a former head football coach and current assistant coach at Old Tappan High School. You can read more on him at davidschuman.comand at 

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