Victor Williams Ready for Next Step With NFL Draft Around the Corner

Dartmouth slot receiver Victor Williams' great lateral quickness and sprinter speed has NFL front offices scrambling to find out more. 

Four years ago Dartmouth's Victor Williams made the trip from Oklahoma where he was a high school football star to Hanover, NH in hopes of earning a degree from one of the most prestegious colleges in the country. At that time Victor was a wide eyed freshman trying to earn some playing time while balancing academics. Little did he know that four years later he would have 135 catches on his resume including 64 his senior year with a 13 yard average per catch. After a impressive pro day where he showed sharp route running and acceleration in and out of his breaks he's now on the verge of attending an NFL Rookie camp.

"I'm a competitor. I've been waiting months for this moment. I just want to put the pads on and good to work. I not afraid to get in the slot with any DB becuase I know what I can do. I'll get seperation and I'll turn on the jets. I'm going to move the chains and I'm not afraid to take big hits while doing so"

Victor Williams

William's agent Dan Smith at Inspired Athletes thinks his client has a diverse set of skills. "when you watch Victor's junior year tape and even his pro day tape you see a guy with tremendous quickness in the slot. He can create passing lanes with his seperation skills. What really impressed me was when they (Dartmouth) moved him outside his senior year and he ran by everybody. So you're looking at a young man that puts pressure on a defense both laterally and vertically. Most slots dont have the ability to take the top off the defense ...he's going to not only pressure the nickel, but the safeties will need to respect his vertical game".

Soon enough Williams will have a chance to put his engineering texts books down in exchange for an NFL playbook

Source: Inspired Athletes